Tips & Tricks for Banking Exam

In exam hall before solving the question one by one, first of all see all the question of the section and note the question number which you can solve faster with accuracy. Solve the easy question first and the question you are comfortable on that. If you stuck on any question leave it and mark it on the solution paper. After completing all the question directly jump on that question and take overview from the solution paper and solve it. Never be nervous in the exam hall, it will reduce your accuracy and affect the speed also. Be confident and take test with positive frame of mind.

Questions that test direct facts from the passage should be memorized and answered as soon as the fact is read from the passage. For example, if a question asks the country that has the highest imports by value from India, the question has to be memorized, and the moment the information is found, the answer should be marked. Questions which involve whether several statements are true or false in the context of the passage need a different approach. It is futile to memorize all the options as it strains one’s mind. Instead, after reading every paragraph, the test-taker should visit these questions and see if each of these statements is true or false. This way, some time can be saved by avoiding rereading the passage. You might wonder that constantly jumping from the paragraph to the questions might be time-intensive. In fact, trying to read and memorize the entire passage before jumping to the questions is a much more time intensive process. We have often found students again running through the passage searching for answers to the questions - in the process, often reading the passage more than once - a big time waste.