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05 Oct 2017

You have to share your referal code with the new student to get registered on www.testvidya.com. After registration with your referal code, you will get 50 points.
New student can take 2 free test. If student like this test series and buy more test series from testvidya then you will get 2*(No. of test) bought by student refer by you.

For Example : After new registration with your referal code you have 50 points and if new student referred by you buy 200 test then you will get 2*200=400 points. Suppose next time again that student buy 300 test then you will get 2*300=600 points. Every time when that student buy test, your points will be added in your testseries wallet.
So your total points will be 50+400+600=1050 points. You can view your points details in your dashboard.
You will be eligible to redeem your points whenever you will have sufficient points to buy our any test package or other deals.
*10 points=1 Rs. (These points can be redeem to buy testseries or other deals from us only.)

Note: This test series is only for the welfare of students & this scheme is to make student eligible to take our quality test only.
For taking our Franchise for test series with complete features of Admin Panel where you can manage student and distribute test to your own student. It will be very beneficial for you as an institute owner or individual and also for student to provide them a quality test series. By taking this test series student will get familiar with online exam (almost similar to exam test window) and can high score in the exam. To take our franchise visit : www.bankssctest.com

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